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***SOLD*** Oneida Black Eagle Bow WTS


I’m looking to trade my Oneida Eagle, Black Eagle hunting bow. This is the 50 – 70 pound weight, medium length pull 28 - 30", with a 44.5” string. I had three of these bows when I was a staff shooter for Oneida Eagle. I sold my two tournament bows last year and realized this year that I am probably never going to have the time to bowhunt again.

This is an awesome bow and I highly recommend that you google this brand and check out what people that use them say about them. Before shooting Oneida I shot the other name brand bows, but found this one to be the fastest, smoothest and the most accurate and forgiving.

Everything goes with the bow except the broadheads. They were given to me by my wife for Christmas. The quiver is a self contained quiver that rotates while completely protecting the arrows from damage or view (if you are using white accents) the quiver was never used (I had two of them). The bow is completely tricked out with a Keller Pedulum sight with all of the upgrades, a high end super accurate rest, a single arrow holder on the non-shelf side of the bow, all of the noise dampening devices, a vibra check stabilizer and several strips of reflective tape. I put the reflective tape on after sitting the bow against the tree one night while we got the four wheeler to get a bear out. Then I could not find the bow and promised myself that I would not loose it again :shock: .

I am also including the bow press for this bow that makes changing strings or working on the bow a breeze. All modules for the bow are included. These modules make it possible to change the draw weight and length in a few seconds. This is the most versatile bow I have ever used. I have bow fished with these bows, hunted from the ground, hunted from tree stands and been very successful at 3-D tournaments with them.

When I decided to stop shooting for them, I got extra cable, strings, modules, pulleys, etc. as you can see by the photos. There is a VHS video detailing the bow and all manuals are included. I also have several books, stickers, a large bag of feathers (all cuts), my belt quiver and the arrows and release that are included. Bow case from Kolpin also included.

Please check their website for more information. This is a very expensive bow, but has proven itself to me over and over.

I am looking for a FTF deal in the Wake Forest/Rolesville area. I am interested in ammo for .223, .308, .45, 9mm and .40 cal. I am also interested in all firearms, but specifically AR guns, Daewoos, handguns, Millett DMS scopes, ACOG, + or - cash as needed, etc. If you are interested, send me your offer via PM, I’m ready to do something.

EDIT: Cash price added $525 FTF in Wake Forest/Rolesvile/Raleigh

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