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NIce pics boys nice bucks

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So... Let's see your deer

I took this buck Dec 3rd 03. He was hot after a doe and I spoiled his fun!!
Taken in Western NC - 1st buck

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So... Let's see your deer

This is my buck from November 6, 2003 Ontario, 200lbs dressed.

my deer.jpg
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So... Let's see your deer

nice felles good luck this year

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So... Let's see your deer

here is a piebald spike my buddy got in jersey this october

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So... Let's see your deer

I just saw one of the nicest bucks of my life on Thursday. It was only a spike, but it was my son's first deer, which made it one of the most memorable in my life.

We were hunting on Ft Bragg in an area we'd never been in before. Went in completely cold at o'dark thirty with a GPS and a topo map. Didn't see anything in the morning, but later on found a food plot planted by the base for game management -- a beautiful patch of bright green in the middle of a brown forest. Just to the North, there were acres and acres of scrub oaks about 5 ft high to provide perfect cover. Just to the South of the food plot was a nice little stream. It was one of the best setups I'd ever seen. I had my son cover the food plot as sundown approached, and that little buck walked right out in front of him about 30 yards away. The buck was quartering toward him, but he managed to put a .243 in the neck, through the lungs, and out the ribs without hitting a bit of useful meat or gut shooting him. The deer dropped in its tracks.

It just doesn't get any better than that. Nothing like seeing your son in one of the happiest, proudest moments of his life, and knowing it's something you shared together. It was also his little brother's first time hunting, and now they both have the fever. If you've got kids, take 'em hunting!

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So... Let's see your deer

Congrats on your son's first deer!

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So... Let's see your deer

I haven't been around this forum in along time either but good to see so much going on here. Here is the whitetail I shot this year, grossed 135...filled my tag in anticipation that I was going to Sask hunting but car troubles cost my the money I had saved for it.

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So... Let's see your deer

2004 6pt 14" wide nothing great but good eating

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Saskatchewan Buck Nov20/04

This is a picture of my brothers buck, a definite winner in our big buck competition. He shot it at roughly 250 yards with a 270 winchester, recovered next morning. Good quality of deer in Saskatchewan!

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