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So... Let's see your deer

Currently, there is no "on board" way to post pictures. However you can still post pictures by:

- Place pictures on external web server and link to them in your post with an img style tag. This is how Creekhobo placed pictures on the board.

- Send in your photos to [email protected] and we can post them in our Photos and Tall Tales section. BigE has done this in the past.

We are working on a simple way for people to post pictures on the board, but it is not ready at this time.

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So... Let's see your deer

and also can someone answer my topic on when and how to look for sheds and some of your tips?

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So... Let's see your deer

I got this nice 8 pt. out in Kansas this year.

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So... Let's see your deer

I took this medium size eight point on opening day here in Ohio, Dec 1. He only scores a green score of ~89. The only thing remakable was that I was using my Winchester 9410 chambered in the 2.5 410 shotgun.

full story here: The 410 slug in a Winchester 9410 as a deer gun.

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So... Let's see your deer

Here is my 03 buck he scored 135 before deductions and 129 after.


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So... Let's see your deer

Here my 2003 buck, he's a 14 pointer but 12 points are scoreable, one kicker was broken off and the other was a couple of hairs too short to officially count as a point. I took both animals at 20 yards, the doe first then the buck about 25 minutes later on the morning of Dec 22/03. Not scored yet.

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So... Let's see your deer

Finally, Here is a pic of my MA 8 pointer

2003-8Pt.jpg175.75 KB
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My Big Alberta Whitetail 2003!

Well guys,
I am new to the forums but, I will try and participate as much as possible.
This past 2003 was one of my best seasons, not only as a Big Game outfitter but, as a hunter period!
Below is the buck I took in late Nov. during a break in guiding for 2 days.
This 5x5 buck gross scored 175 B&C, and netted 173 to make the record books. I took my buck at 223 yards, with my .300 Win. magnum.

The next morning we got some snow, and one of our hunters got this monster at 115 yards out of his heated deer blind. The deer was chasing some hot does, and we gave 2 grunts, and the rest is history. This brute scored 204 non-typical, and 189 typical to make book in either catagory.
Back to Back Booners! Awesome couple of days.

I hope you all enjoy the pics!

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So... Let's see your deer

i am new too, but i will post my first buck..

it is a 6 point that i got with my bow and arrow..

i was 13 at the time and i am 15 now, since then i have gotten a 5X5 elk, a doe and this buck, here he is..

good luck and god bless Big smile

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NIce pics boys nice bucks

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