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So it begins!

Well watefowl season has offically started here in Colorado, just wondering how everyone has done so far and maybe when does your season all start.  I am still in bug game mode, but I may try to get out next weekend and chase some ducks....if we ever get any numbers worth hunting.

Good luck to all this up coming season!

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We have 3 weeks until our

We have 3 weeks until our season begins.  It's not my first love, and with a 9 week old child, I don't know how many times I will get out.  We also have a messed up system out here where the local lakes have hunting 2 days a week, and it's done by lottery.  It's $40 for the blind reservation, then $20 access fee per hunter up to 3 hunters per blind.  Can get darn expensive, and it's poor shooting more often than not.

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Officially starts this Fri.

Officially starts this Fri. for us but I took my son out a couple of weeks ago for the heritage youth hunt and he bagged two blacks and a canada goose on his first hunt!  I'm so proud of him.  I was more excited/nervous than him.

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can't wait

Well, since waterfowl is my biggest addiction I've been getting out regularly through September but our duck season doesn't open until Saturday.  I'm right on the Susquehanna river so hunting is always pretty decent and it's public and free to hunt so we just drop the boat blind in and go.  Plus we're right off the eastern shore so if I want to hit up Md for some sea ducks that's an option too. 

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Our first season started

Our first season started today and runs through the 16th of October. I don't plan on going out during this season. The mosquitos are coming back strong with all the rain we have had lately. I don't fight Mosquitos to duck hunt. I'll wait until the second or third season before I go duck hunting. Also, the heat will be back this weekend which will make duck hunting miserable

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I only got out twice for the

I only got out twice for the early duck split. One evening hunt where we seriously did not see one duck and one morning hunt where there were birds everywhere... but so were the hunters. It was insane. I am really looking forward to getting back into it this year though. I still have not found a good State Wildlife Area to look to though. Kind of hard to get out if you do not have a good spot but I will go no matter what.

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I didn't make it out for

I didn't make it out for early teal and wooduck season down here this year. The regular season starts november 20th. I got all my decoys out today and cleaned the cobwebs off them and I'll check the weights and stuff tomarow. This will be my first time hutning waterfowl in Florida by myself. The lake behind my house is supposed to be pretty good and I've done some scouting. Lot's of teal and a few mallards but I've yet to see any wooducks.

Good luck and be safe to whoever is waterfowl hutning this season!:thumbsup1: 

I'm gonna try to knock some down this year but no guarnatee's, I'm having the rocky mountain withdrawels wishing i was back home in CO.Confused

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