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Snowshoe Hares in Colorado

Does anyone know of any areas that have high density of the bigfoots. I wouldn't mind trying to get out and hunt them atleast once during the winter. I have only taken them on chance encounters but I wouldn't mind focusing on them on a hunt or two.

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I saved this link, but haven't been that far yet. I work with a guy that grew up in Buena Vista and he says the small game hunting is great up there. I've seen a few snowshoes closer, but not great populations. If you do contact these people and hunt up there, let me know.

Good Luck


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We use to hunt them in the

We use to hunt them in the high country 10,000' all the time.  I used to hunt Red & White mountain north of Vail, the Shrine Pass Road and Red Table mountain south of Gypsum and Eagle.  We would load up the snowmobile and snowshoes along with the .22's and head out.  We would run the machines until we crossed some good tracks and then get on the snowshoes.  It was great exercise not to mention fun and good eatting in the end. 

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