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Snowing and Blowing

What would you do?  My Dad just called, and it's about 20 degrees, and the snow is falling.  3 inches already, with another 2 or 3 over the next few hours.  However, the wind will be picking up t0 about 25 mph.  He called me to discuss what to do.

We have a swamp up in the property we hunt, but with all the rain this fall, it's inaccessible.  He's afraid the deer will not be moving till the storm's over, which will be well after dark.

I said to walk for an hour, try to kick something up.  If not, then go back to his stand in the orchard and see if he can catch something coming in for some apples.

Any thoughts?

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If white tails are anything

If white tails are anything like mule deer and it is blowing and snowing then I would suggest for your dad to sit tight unless he like to hike through the woods during a storm trying to kick one or two deer up.  However when it stops of the first thing the next morning I would be out and about waiting for them to pop up all over the place and start to feed again. 

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what to do

You didn't mention what the temps were, but I'm figuring c o l d ! If it is well below normal in addition to the snow and winds, I too would suggest an early bedtime tonight to accomodate that early rise and arrival at a stand site in the morning. My guess is that they will be moving big-time most all day tomorrow, especially if the winds die down. Yes

Wish him a good day's hunt!! Thumbs up

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