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Well, we had it for Christmas! It was a very nice change for us near Nashville and the first "white" Christmas since 1993 when the records show we had less than 1/2" on Christmas. We have about 2" and this morning roads in my area were completely snow covered (ice & snow). I am planning on an afternoon hunt to enjoy the white woods!

Best of luck for those staring at the prospect of an after Christmas blizzard!  Help!

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That's funny I live in a high

That's funny I live in a high snow area where we usually 15+ feet and we are way behind at less than 5 feet for the year and you guys who never get snow are getting hammered.

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Man it woukld sure be nive to

Man it woukld sure be nive to get some snow down low here in Colorado.  We are getting plenty in the mountain but just nothing along the front range here.  It has been real warm and the forcast still not calling for any substainal snow.

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We Were White

We had a white Christmas this year, which is not unusual since we are in Michigan.

But since we live in the SE corner of the state, it's also not unusual to have an "open" or green Christmas.

I have lived in several parts of the state and this part is by far the warmest of everywhere we have been.

I have also lived in an area where they almost never had a green Christmas, and quite often it was a challenge to get around by that time of the year - sort of like what the folks on the east coast experienced this year.

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas - time spent with family and friends - remembering the One who it's all about.


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about a foot

We got about a foot from that storm.  Enough to slow things down but not really a big deal for those of us who are used to it.  I heard that Raleigh North carolina had the first white Christmas on record there - ever!      

I just got off the tele-phone with coworkers in New York City (and Yonkers) who are still digging out from eighteen to twenty four inches of snow there.  The city is still having a hard time dealing with stranded and abandoned vehicles (this is Wednesday).  Meanwhile my coworkers from the snow belt off of Lake Erie in Buffalo and even Syracyuse are snickering.   They received a forty inch plus storm a couple of weeks ago and everything got back to business as normal within twenty four hours.

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Yeah here in the Syracuse

Yeah here in the Syracuse area it's just snow.  If you dont like it why the heck do you live here?  It did snow for 97 hrs nonstop at the airport and that was some kind of new record but all flights made it out.  I think we are looking at around 80 inches of snow for the month of Dec?

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