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Snake hunting????

I think this guy has it down......




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Maneaters and mambas

I just finished reading "Maneaters and Mambas" by a Britsih fellow turned Kenyan game keeper named Ionides.  He built quite  reputation as a snake collector for museums and zoos.    

I guess there is enough money to be made at it that you can make a living if you happen to live in or be willing to travel to snake country.  The downside is that you actually have to seek out, get close to, and handle snakes.   

Not so bad until you realize that so many of them are venomous!

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I do not think I will be

I do not think I will be taking up snake hunting anytime soon.  I cannot stand those slimmly little creatures.  I have heard a few tast pretty good but I will also not be finding that out either.

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i snake hunt every chance i

i snake hunt every chance i get. seems like every year, my army of cowboy hats need a new hatband. and what better than a rattle snake?

it's not to frightening if you wear the right clothing and take a good stick or snake device with you. it's when you're carrying a gunny sack and picking them up with your hands is when it gets kind of sketchy.

i remember when i'd watch steve irwin do that kind of stuff. i admire his skill and courage. quite unfortunate about his death though. very sad.

i'm sure you could find some herpetology supply place and get some good gear for it. i get a little adrenaline rush after every snake. i guess that's why i do it.

my biggest snake was over 7 feet long. i still have the skin! that was quite a little ordeal because i came across the snake while riding my horse.


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  That is a very funny video


That is a very funny video Ca_Vermonster!  Who said they were bottom of the food chain?!?!

I tried rattlesnake hunting once this past August.  Heard one rattle but never saw it.  Also wrong time of day I was out.  I will do more of it next year.


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Not sure about other states

Not sure about other states but here in Colorado we actually have a season on rattlers. Did it a few times and it was pretty cool. One of the guys wanted a hat band, I took the rattle and we had a meal of snake. Pretty good eats but not like chicken.

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Here in Florida its always

Here in Florida its always open season on rattlers! Water moccasins also.  Usually have to kill 3-4 a year in the yard.  Everynow and then they will get in the pool and I have to fish them out.  Still havent had a gator in our pool.  Now that would be cool.  See them all the time on the lake and river. 

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What made that video extra special is right now my oldest grandson is reading "Watership Down" on my suggestion.  I just called in most of my grandkids to watch that... 5 of them, and the oldest kept calling out "Go BigWig"... ya gotta know Watership Down to understand that. Big smile


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