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snake bit while in the mountains

When I was living in Tucson Arizona,a friend wanted to go rock climbing on Mount Lemon north of town.After driving for two hours to get to the area we wanted.We got to a nice clean area to repel.My friend got about 50 feet below where I could see him began screaming.So I helped him back up to find out he had been bitten by a green mojave.We got to a phone and a chopper medi-vaced him of the mountain.He was fine after getting treatment.Years later I was at a rattlesnake roundup and while their one guy got bit by a copperhead and was on the way to hospital.Passing by a vender who sold rattle snake belts ect. I stopped and chatted about getting bit and what to do in the field prior to seeking medical attention.He told me he had been bitten numerous times and just pours Dr. Pepper on the bite and rubs it in.And never goes to hospital.He stated he never got sick and never ventures out hunting without a bottle of Dr. Pepper just in case .Has anyone outthere ever heard of this treatment for a bite?  

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I wouldn't stake my life or health on the advise from the fellow you spoke to.  It's alway a good idea to make sure you're wearing tall rubber boots and have a good shovel with you when listening to some folks.  You never know just how much bullshit and worthless (not to mention dangerous) advise they'll give you. Some people just need to be taken with a grain of salt.  lol

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I agree

sometime's ya just got to listen to them then walk away.

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We dont have many snakes

We dont have many snakes here, I carry a snake bite kit with me just in case. I dont think I'd take that gentelmans advice without having him prove it first.LOL

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