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Skinning Deer

New to the site and just wanted to pass along a little trick that is a REAL timesaver. We've been butchering deer for quite a few years now. We used to skin each deer by hand top to bottom. Took a little time for each deer obviously. A few years ago, someone told us about this little trick and it has been something we just can't do without now. One day, with 6 guys, we were able to skin over 40 deer in an hour!! We now butcher about 150 to 180 a deer a season between the 4 of us. As long as you have a knife, a field dressed deer that is NOT going to be a mount, rope, and the most important thing......a golf ball and a truck, tractor, or ATV you can do this.
The first thing that you do is cut off all four legs at the joints (this doesn't have to be done but makes it much easier) being careful not to cut the tendon on the back legs or else it will be hard to hang once it's skinned. Then, make one cut on the inside of each leg from the joint to the middle of the deer (where your cut meets the opening where you field dressed the deer.) Since your not mounting the deer, cut the hide all way up the throat. Then, hang the deer by the head (remember, this is a deer your NOT planning on mounting). Start skinning around the neck line. Keep cutting around and down until you have about 6 or 7 inches of the hide hanging down. Now, take a golf ball (yes...a golf ball) and place it underneath the part of the hide (on the spine side) that you have skinned. So, basically, the golf ball will be covered at this point. Grasp the ball from the "meat" side of the hide....like your grabbing the ball with a paper towel or something. Mold the hide around the golf ball enough that you can tie a rope around it. Then tie the other end of the rope to a truck or tractor. Then just slowly pull away. As you pull away, it strips the hide right off the deer.....slicker than a whistle! No meat is ripped, no hair is left on the meat, and the hide is in perfect condition! Beats the heck out of doing the whole deer by hand!! Trust me!

Doesn't matter if you do 1 deer or 50 deer. This is such a great trick I thought I'd share!

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Skinning Deer

I am gonna have to try this, sounds like a great idea thanks for sharing.

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Skinning Deer

wow ive gotts try that sometime, ill let you know how i made out, thanx.

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Skinning Deer

Saturday, 11-12-05 is opening day here in MO and hopefully I'll have to do this a couple of times withing the next couple of days!

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