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Skinning bear with diamond on chest

The biggest black bear I have ever seen in the wild had a white diamond on his chest. I have seen other bears (not just in the black color phase either) that had diamonds or spots on their chests. How are you supposed to go about skinning these bears for a rug? Do you split the diamond down the middle or leave it off to a side?

Anybody got any pictures?

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The one i got in WI weighed

The one i got in WI weighed 319 dressed and had a deep white V on chest.  Taxidermist told me I'd lose the V if I had a rug made so I ended up gettin 3/4 mount.  Will post pic when I get the time.

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Yes you will loose the chest

Yes you will loose the chest patch in a rug.  I had one with a heart shaped patch on its upper chest and did a sholder mount that looks great.