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Sighting in?

I am curious what the rest of the hunting population does to get ready for the hunting season?

Myself I sight in my rifle the usual 3” high at 100 yds
Then I take a 2x10x10 piece of lumber and sit it up on the ground against the hillside "in my pasture great backstop"
Then I shoot at it using the hunting positions- it moves and finally gets to where it is in pieces then you shoot the larger piece

10x10 is about the size of the kill zone on the big game animal

It works for me
Now how about you?

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Sighting in?

I kerplink with my 22LR all year round, cans, old shotgun shells, jar lids and such and then I take the old 12 Ga and shoot some birds when the season starts thrown in with some clays.

Then there's the annual squirrel hunting trip on the Apalachicola River where I get my shoulder ready for the recoil of the huntin rifle.

I sight my .308 and 30.06 in at the Range that my former employer built.
The .308 is sighted in at 100 yards thru the scope and at 25 yards for the iron sights. This is the rifle I use for most of my Hog and Deer hunting that is in fairly thick woods and swamps.

The 30.06 is sighted in at 150 yards thru the scope and again at 25 for the iron sights. I use this rifle when I hunt the clear-cuts but shots are still under 250 yards.

Then I have a spot in the backyard where I shoot my Bow at paper and 3-D targets. I do this atleast twice a week year round. I'll also carry it and the 3-D target to the Range when I go shoot my rifles. Keeps me busy but tons of fun.