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Sighting in?

I am curious what the rest of the hunting population does to get ready for the hunting season?

Myself I sight in my rifle the usual 3” high at 100 yds
Then I take a 2x10x10 piece of lumber and sit it up on the ground against the hillside "in my pasture great backstop"
Then I shoot at it using the hunting positions- it moves and finally gets to where it is in pieces then you shoot the larger piece

10x10 is about the size of the kill zone on the big game animal

It works for me
Now how about you?

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Sighting in?

Well whitetail taker I'm sure you've seen me on other sites so you know where I stand.
I hunt the thick northern forest of New England where my shots are 40 to 75 yrds. at most.
That being said, I sight in my large cal. rifle dead on at 100 yrds. and will put a few boxes of amo down range throughout the year. In addition to still paper targets, I also go to the range when the club is shooting the running deer target.
Shooting at moving targets is something that should be learned on the range, not in the field on live deer.
After learning to consistantly hit the vitals on a running deer target, hiting a bullseye on still paper is almost easy.
One shot, one kill.

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Sighting in?

Well the fact that I do field (long distance) hunting and walking through woods and canyons (close). I like to sight my 270 in 1.5" to 2" high at 100 yds. That way I'm almost dead on at 200. About an inch high at 50, and just 8" low at 300. I think it could be had if I sighted in 3" high cause I would hate to have a monster jump up close infront of me and I shoot over the top of him. I guess alot of it depends in your hunting area. Sounds like you are in pretty open (long distance) hunting area, whereas I hunt both. I never have heard of the 10 x 10 board thing good idea. Good luck