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Shotgun Slugs for Whitetailed Deer Hunting? HELP

Who better to ask than the experts. I have a Browning semiauto 12 gauge shot gun that is over 30 years old. It does not have an adjustable choke. I am almost embarrassed to ask but...I having been hunting with a rifle for 25 years. Now, this year, I am going to hunt in a county that requires a shotgun. I want some advice on what slug I can use. Also, if there are any shooting tips you can give me on shooting with a slug, how far, aiming, any tips you think might be helpful would be appreciated. I am a decent shooter and a very serious hunter. Thanks a bunch!

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Shotgun Slugs for Whitetailed Deer Hunting? HELP

You may want to try asking your question in our Firearms forum.

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Shotgun Slugs for Whitetailed Deer Hunting? HELP

its the choke in your gun that makes slugs fly a improved cylander choke for smooth bores work well in most any 12 ga... they also have rifled slugs now most good slugs ,, i like rem 3 inch power bores for my 18 inch street sweeper just remember they have around a ten inch drop at 100 yards

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Shotgun Slugs for Whitetailed Deer Hunting? HELP

I shoot WInchester Partition Gold sabot slugs out of my rifled barrell Remington 1100
I shoot regular winchester slugs from my Remington 1187 smooth bore slug barrell. I love both!