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Hi, I’m new to these forums and I have a little question about the gun I own and the game I should be hunting with it.

I recently bought a Remington 1100 shotgun, boy what a beauty, and I was hoping to get some information on what type of scope I should be using. The one I have at the moment is a VX-III 6.5-20x50mm Long Range Targeting scope. It works fine and all at a distance, but the shots I get off on the cats around my house only seem to wound/maim them and after a close call with me almost taking out the neighbour’s car tire last week I think it might be time for a change.

I’d also like to know how short I can cut the barrel, I’ve taken it down to about half way and it seems fine but I want just a little more spray. How much more should I take off it?

Thanks in advance.

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Well if you live in Canada and you have a barrel under 18 inches or a total length of under 26 inches, the rifle or shotgun is a prohibited weapon.
Check your sate/federal laws if appicable.

The scope is not intended for use on a shotgun. There are scopes designed for shotgun use on the market.

Discharging any firarm near vehicles, homes,etc is not realy a good idea.

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Length limits are the same in the U.S., I'm pretty sure. 6.5-20x scope on a SHOTGUN!?! You've got to be kidding! Frankly, I wouldn't bother scoping a shotgun, but if I did I certainly wouldn't put anything on it that had more than 4x magnification. I'd probably look for something with a fixed magnification somewhere between 1.5x and 2.5x.

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If you are cutting the shotgun down that much any scope other than a red-dot is a waste. Leave the thing unscoped and never look back.

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Strap a flashlight in line with the barrel. The scatter will hit where the light is shining.

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Get Real.............................................

No personal info either 'eh?

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Ill agree with about every one on this one, why would you put a 6.5-20x on a shotgun, even if your using slugs thats still huge. Ive got a 3-9x on my 270 winchester. Also what are you shooting at that you wanna saw down ur barrel?

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With all I've been reading lately on other sites, that 6.5x20 might be just the ticket. Who knows, maybe Barnes is going to make a 100 gr saboted 12 ga slug so you can use your Harrington-Richardson Topper for moose at 600 yds.

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I'm Confused ?

Why would you tear up a nice gun like that by cutting up the barrel. And more so, where did you get a scope like that? Think

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Question 1: Why are you using a shotgun w/ that big of a scope?
Question 2: Why are you shooting at the neighbors cats?
Question 3: Why are you shooting anywhere near a car?

Just wondering! Surely your just pulling our chains.

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Hammer1 wrote:
Well if you live in Canada and you have a barrel under 18 inches or a total length of under 26 inches, the rifle or shotgun is a prohibited weapon

In Canada with a shotgun, you can go down to a 14" barrel as long as it is FACTORY MANUFACTURED by the firearms manufacturer. In other words, it comes from the manufacturer with a 14" barrel. AND the overall firearms length with the 14"barrel has to be greater then 660mm.

There is a seperate clause (loop hole) in C-68/firearms act that allows for 14 barrels.

I don't think this is a serious post by Darth Vegas. If it is, do all us firearms owners a favor and take a firearms safety course. Otherwise you will hurt/kill someone and become another statistic for the "Anti's" to use against our hobby/sport. We need more help not more hurt for our cause..

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