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Shed Anlter Hunt - Ready yet?

I want to look for shed antlers this year (Missouri). The bucks still have them on right now. I see deer most every day at the county park on the way to work.

When do the deer shed antlers in your area?

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Shed Anlter Hunt - Ready yet?

This question is a catch 22.
1. Depends on the animals health
2. Depends on the pressure in the animals home area.
3. Depends on the weather, and moon phases.
4. The age of the animal plays a big role, in the loss of his head gear.
Now with that said, I have seen some of our bucks, if not most of them have already dropped their head gear. But I am seeing a few that sport trophy head gear still sporting them. If you look at the above it all depends on the animals mostly, but I did see a spike yesterday still sporting his, but his age I guessed at 4 yrs do to his sway back, the size of his body damn point restriction keeps us from culling this poison from the herd. Brick Wall,)

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Shed Anlter Hunt - Ready yet?

How are those deer looking now? Still got antlers? Just wondering and thinking about looking myself.

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I think its time

I saw one buck a few days ago. It was a forkhorn with only one antler. I think shedding is taking place in Missouri. We looked for antlers on the ground over the weekend, but found none.

Saw twelve deer today, so they are plenty thick in this little park near where I live. Now, I am not sure if any of these were bucks that had already shed. I wasn't close enough to see.

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Shed Anlter Hunt - Ready yet?

Just read an article about using dogs to help hunt sheds. sounded like good idea. anybody ever tried this, or know of anyone who has?

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