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The shadow of Siberia, Lynx. Hunting story

Hi guys!

I wanna share with you one of the many stories which I had during my time as a translator for my hunting company.
Our company is stationed in Siberia (Russia) near Lake Baikal.

Anyways, I don't know an awful lot about hunting, but I like to write stories so you guys can experience the hunt like you were there yourself!
Have fun!

Lynx, the shadow of Siberia,

It’s mid-January, the weather outside? Only -24®, a warm day for any Russian.
I head to the airport to meet my client, they call him Jack, the American.

Jack is stoked to go on this trip, he’s a professional hunter who didn’t have the chance to shoot a Siberian Lynx yet.

Jack, who has more than three hundred different species on his name, means business. He wants to go to the hunting base right away.

On the way there, I translate between our outfitter and Jack. Conversations are hard to follow and there’s a lot of ‘’Aaah!’’ en ‘’Ooow!’’ from Jack’s side.
I’m sure some of them were fake haha!
After 6 long hours driving in forest-terrain, frozen rivers and steep hills, we arrive.

First day program?! Rest..

We have some drinks during dinner (did someone say Russian-Vodka?) and talk about hunting. We discuss what kind of rifles we´ll use. How we´re going there, I mean we can go by car, horse, snow scooter.

Second day arrives,

It’s cold outside, -34®. That means if we’d go by snow scooter, it means frostbite all over our face. We decide to go by horse.
The guys get their guns ready, check everything and mount the horses. We get the dogs, about 7 of them, ready for the hunt and we start walking.

The hunt begins,

The weather conditions aren’t perfect. It didn’t snow for a couple of days; all tracks which we see might be old, there are hundreds of them.
We go deep in the woods with our outfitter, he’s been a hunter all his life.
In this specific region, he’s been hunting since 1990.

It takes long to find an animal, let alone The shadow of Siberia. We’ve been hunting for 5 hours right now, it’s starting to get dark so we decide to go back to our base.
When we we’re back in the base, I was more disappointed than Jack was.
Jack says it can happen, that’s why it’s called hunting. I agree with him but still feel disappointed.

That night we sleep early… We wake up even earlier.
As soon it’s light outside, we mount the horses. We have perfect weather conditions, the sun shines and it’s ‘’warm’’. It also has been snowing last night, this gives me hope that all tracks we find, will be fresh.
We head different a different direction then we did yesterday, we’re going north now.

Our outfitter find some tracks which he thinks are fresh, they must be.
The dogs also picked up the scent from the lynx, he must be close.
Then Jack spotted him.
He didn’t hesitate..

Jack’s a good shot, he hit the lynx right in his brain! But why is that damn thing still moving! I quickly ask our outfitter.
The lynx has a brain, half size of your fist.

Revolution theory applies on the Siberian Lynx; I think he knew Jack would come for him, sooner or later.

I quickly told Jack.
Jack’s a professional; he hits his brain again. He’s done for! No wait, what the hell.. he’s still moving!

He aims. First, loud noise from the rifle, then complete silence…

As I see the Lynx laying, I feel that he’s at complete peace.
The hunt is over,

This was my story, from a translator point of view. I hope you liked it; all stories which I’m telling involve the company I work for.

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I post my stories on several Hunting Forums.

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