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Serving seperation.

Ok I need some help here. I have a PSE Stinger. I've had a problem since I bought the darn bow with the serving seperating on the cable where it wraps around the draw length moduel. It did it onthe factory string and also on my winners choice string. after abot 25-30 shots it needs to be reserved or it starts cutting into the string itself. I've had it in my local shop and there are NO sharp edges( we've checked about 6 times). I have called PSE a few time and get absolutly NO HELP from them what so ever. I just get told thats normal. I can understand a little seperation but not after 25-30 shot and needing new serving. my bows at my shop right now, i was having them re serve my cable and got a call saying there are 6 strand cut and need a new string. The only thing he can come up with is a cam lean problem, I havent talked to him about it yet but is there anything that can be done? I'll tell you what I'll never buy a PSE bow again with the problems I've been having with this issue and the lack of support I get from the customer NO service.

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That sucks.  I wish I could

That sucks.  I wish I could help, but all I can really do is offer my condolences.   banghead

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Complete CRAP !!!!!!


It is definately out of position with your bow or your pro shop may have even done something wrong. I have never been a fan of PSE, but I thought for sure they would have better customer service.

This last weekend at a archery shoot I blew off the rubber off my string supresser on my Bowtech and none of the shops here carry them. I went to there website and wrote them. They answered me in minutes and my new part is on its way free of charge and they pay the shipping.

In my opinion I would sell your bow and go with a company that will take care of you.

Good luck !!!


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I have been shooting a

I have been shooting a stinger for 3 years now and have not had that problem with that. Take a yard stick and lay it across your limbs up against your cam and top pully. You will be able to see if it is out for sure. The only thing i have had out was the pully. Just take twist out or in on the Y cable.

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