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Self Defense In Canada

I know that you guys have much harsher gun laws up north. What are your options for self defense? On the streets or in your home?

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Option 1: Legally- Well... we

Option 1: Legally- Well... we call 911 and wait... so we basically stick our thumb up our @$$ and wait to be robbed, murdered, etc..

Option 2: Realistically- If I am with my family and their lives were threatened, I would use any and all means to stop that threat.  I have legally stored firearms (all types) within close proximity to all areas of my home.  Bottom line is that the criminal is in for one hell of a day.  After the smoke clears, I will be charged and will face trial to try and convince a bias judge that I had to do it.  I will probably go to jail but knowing I saved my family, it will be worth it.

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thats pretty much rate to the T.

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Self defense

I live in Qc and I have a camp with my father and we has already been stolen and we a contacted de policy(911) for imformartion about : What I can do if '' je me fais voler'' steal.He said you can just keep him until the police without hurting him. If him shine a weapon you can pounce on him for YOUR SELF DEFENSE. But no kill him. i hope i help you Thumbs up Sorry for my english I'm a beginner. Unsure

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