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Seen a big bear while turkey hunting!

Hello folks....was turkey hunting in clinton county this past monday and we walked within 50yds. of a big ole boy....he was pushing a good 400lbs.....he watched us until we stopped then he bolted over the ridge and down into the valley....later on we were coming through the same valley and found fresh droppings and I'll tell you what.....they were the biggest droppings I have yet too see and very fresh.....he could have been pushing 500.....got me all pumped for bear season! Also, had a rattler go off while pushing through....anyone else seeing anything besides turkeys & deer?

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500 lbs. Can't even imagine

I haven't ever really hunted for bear. I hear it is one of the best hunts going and I also hear that they are very smart animals. I went turkey hunting in Tennessee a few years ago and I saw a black bear at about 300 yards. I couldn't beleive my eyes. I know they are out there, but seeing one is still a new thing to me. I live in South Carolina and we do have a few but you never see them, and you certainly don't see them in the middle of the day!

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