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Seems bear attacks more frequent

Seems the black bear is in the news more often these days:

Banff cyclist survives lengthy bear mauling

By The Canadian Press

BANFF, Alta. — A 41-year-old mountain biker attacked by a black bear in Banff National Park may have been mauled over a prolonged period of time, the park’s chief warden said Saturday.

The unidentified Banff man, though seriously hurt in the attack, is in stable condition in hospital in Calgary after undergoing surgery Friday night, said Ian Syme, the chief warden for Banff National Park.

Two other cyclists biking along a thickly wooded mountainous trail east of the Rocky Mountain townsite on Friday evening discovered an unusual sight, said Syme.

"They actually didn’t come across him, they came across his bike," Syme said in an interview.

The cyclists then heard a voice yelling to them from the woods nearby, he said.

"They heard him yelling for help, and (he) indicated he was being attacked by a bear."

Syme said the two cyclists pedalled quickly to a nearby campground where they called a park warden, who was dispatched at around 8:15 p.m. along with an RCMP officer.

It took a warden and the Mountie about 15 minutes to find the man just off the trail in the woods, Syme said, but the bear was still pacing near the man and refused to leave the area.

"When they approached the victim the bear moved off slightly," he said. "While the RCMP attended the victim, the warden kept a very close eye on the bear. When it became apparent that it was not going to move off, he shot it."

The behaviour by the extremely thin young adult black bear was unusual, Syme said, because confrontations between bears and humans are usually brief, and the bear normally leaves the area after an attack.

Syme said there are fears the bear regarded the man as prey.


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Seems bear attacks more frequent

I don't know much about bears (don't see to many in KS) but I'm kind of suprise there aren't more attacks. Seems to me bears and lions are natural predators and in the right situation it would just be natural for them to see us as prey.

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