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secret weapon for the hunters edge.

I have been hunting for some years and I know that the wind can screw you up in a instant. Years ago I was young and hunting elk when I smelt my first elk.  Or  bigfoot?    lol    I wanted to go into the wind and find the source of the sent.  but the wind changed derection on Me and I felt betraded by bad luck. Do you no? where the wind comes from? the derection I mean? are you spreading sent the way your traveling? do you use a spray of powder to check it? is that fast enough in switching wind. I have seen the results of elk as my sent hits them they, vanish or go stealth or take off like a bat out of hell. I have seen them react to my sent. have you? with all the sent blocking and masking on they still smell and react to us smelly humans, is it our B.O. our gun oils? our breath? rubber on our boots and on and on. Well I think you would have to be in a plastic bag to fool them, I havent been able to and have see them react as soon as they smell me with all I could do to stop it.  But now I can see what happens when sent is sending there way.  How ?  I use a wind feather, as I call it. I use any kind of feather and tie it to a string and put it on My gun barrel at the tip about one or two inches from the end now. Its great,,  you can see witch way the wind is moveing as soon as it hits your guns tip. if the wind is switching you can see where its blowing from and too. see if it hits a deer or elk as it happens without a bottle of powder movement, or digging for one and being to late to take avantage of it. its so easy to check. and its right there when the wind changes derrection to check at all times. try it and you will see, and you will wonder why you havent used something like this before. then see how they react when your sent does blow at them. believe me youll be seeing the real thing and learn how to use the wind to your advantage instead of being at the mercey of it.  it works and youll love it.   happy hunting needs all the little things that add up, and this adds alot to happy hunting.  Yes

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