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Seasoning my barrel

Looking for some helpful advice as I am new to muzzleloading. My directions for my T/C Black Diamond XR advises to thoroughly clean the inside of the barrel with hot soapy water and then swab liberaly with bore butter or some equally good lube to properly season. Now this sounds pretty reasonable, but my question is this: Should I submerse the entire barrel or just run the soap and water solution down the barrel with a funnel or something. I guess I am also wondering if the inside of the barrel should actually soak for a bit.

Thanks for any advice as well as any other useful tidbits you wouldn't mind sharing.

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Seasoning my barrel

Here's what I do: Fill one side of the kitchen sink halfway with hot water and dish soap. Place the open breech end into the water (your barrel is removed from the stock; be sure the nipple/ breech plug is removed). Run a full pot of water through the coffee maker (if you deer hunt, I'm guessing you have a coffee maker Big smile ).

Holding the barrel with a pot holder (it's gonna get HOT), pour your pot of hot water down the barrel. Now you can use your cleaning jag and a cloth patch to run down the barrel and, as if you were churning butter, work the ramrod and jag up and down the entire interior length of your barrel. The cloth patch will create suction that will pull the hot, soapy water from the sink and into the barrel, all the way to the top as you work the ramrod.

Once you have your barrel clean, pour another pot of hot water (again, from the coffee maker) down your barrel as a final rinse. The super-hot water will evaporate and become dry. Now your barrel is clean and you can do whatever you need to do as far as seasoning.

Hope this works well for you - I've always used this method and my barrels stay clean with no rust (of course, you'll oil your barrel between hunting seasons).

Good luck!

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Seasoning my barrel

I have a 700 ML .50 cal and after every trip to the range I take the nipple and bolt out of the breech and submerse the whole barrel, nipple, and breech in hot water in the bathtub. Then I run a copper brush down and regular patches just like a centerfire rifle. Just make sure to thoroughly dry the gun and lightly oil the interior and exterior metal to prevent rust.

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