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Searching for hog hunting ops in .........

........South Carolina or Georgia. Preferably not too near the shore area. I dont mind snakes but I dont relishe the idea of having to try and get a tracking collar back from a gator. I hunt with close working Black Mouth Curs. http://www.blueridgekennels.bizI am hoping to come in contact with a dear club that may have a problem with hogs tearing up food plots. I am willing to join the lease or just pay a fee to hunt hogs after your deer season closes. I will even gladly share the meat. We are respectful of landowners property and game laws. No litter or unsafe random shooting. We are looking for a place to get our dogs on hogs. We do use a 4 wheeler but if it against the club or land rules, we'll leave it home. Anyone who can put me in touch with someone can join the fun and come along.