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I have to agree, I'm sorry

I have to agree, I'm sorry that it was frustrating for you to get drawn for the wrong tag, but you may have just messed up your fate for a lifetime... Sometimes mistakes like that happen for unexplained reasons... Dude.. wake up - call Utah back and swap the tags back before it's too late!

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Yep, I seem to recall they

Yep, I seem to recall they draw the Once-In-A-Lifetime hunts first.  A few years back I had max points for desert sheep and one less than max for elk.  I knew the sheep was a long shot, but it was when Utah was peaking for elk and there was an elk tag I really wanted.  That year I bought a point for sheep so there was no risk to draw sheep and not draw for elk.  The bad news is no elk tag that year.  The good news is there should be an elk tag with my name on it in 2012 or 2013 

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I still have max points for

I still have max points for goat and I will draw that tag next year. But in Utah the Great Elk Units are pretty much a once in a lifetime hunt also.

I have been over and over the way that they draw the tags. The way it works is Round 1: Drawing for all the max points people. Round 2: Regular Drawing. Round 3: Youth Drawing. in each round they draw limited entry first then once in a lifetime. 

My Problem was that in the guide book it does not say anything about the 3 different rounds it only says that they draw in a paticular order. I have a brother that is Partially Handicap and I want to draw a tag with him in a party I read the guide book and by there rules if the party drew the elk tag I should have been pulled from the goat drawing. The DWR is going to fix the guide book so that this problem doesn't happen to eny one else.

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