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scouting WMAs in Virginia or surrounding states

I am from Virginia. I grew up in KY, but left there early to go to college. So I have not hunt much in KY. I now live in Virginia, and see Virginia has two Wildlife Management Area (WMAs) nearby.

I have ready that these WMAs are crowded on the opening day and throughout deer season (2 weeks). Many Northern Virginia hunters go to these WMAs to hunt. I am familiar with hunting, but was wondering how many of you guys on this forum hunt public land? How do you go about scouting the land? Do you go in early mornings or late afternoons? Do you go in Sept? What do you look for when you go to scout?

I read several magazines, where hunters have had much success hunting public land. I believe its possible to have lots of success, but at the same time I think many more hunters will be disappointed than happy. I am looking to see how successful hunters scout the land, what landmarks or key points do they look for when scouting? Trails? (tree rubs don't happen until Nov or maybe end of Oct in my area) water? funnels? (how do you determine a funnel?) foods?

Lets stay, you planned a short drive to neighbording state to hunt, and you take the drive there early Sat morning, with the intention of driving back Sat night. you get there in mid-morning, how do you start your scouting? Do you take a tree stand? Binoculars? What key points do you look for? etc etc.

Thanks for any input.