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scouting in rain

hello, im new to this forum, My question is as follows:
im going scouting this weekend and it is suppose to rain. Im going either waym, but i was wandering if turkeys still respond to locater calls in the rain? I think it would hard to see tracks and sign in the rain because it would get washed out? What are yall opinions? Will locating work the same? Will scouting work the same? Any help is appreciated, please inform me of how you scout when it rains. thanks alot.


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scouting in rain

I have found that the birds will stay on the roost a little longer in the rain. When they fly down they will most likely head for an open field or clearing in the woods. There's to much noise in the woods when it's raining. Keep an eye on the fields close to where you plan to hunt.

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scouting in rain

I've noticed they call less during cloud cover, but seem to be business as usual this time of year. They got one thing on their mind Yes

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scouting in rain

Thunder makes them shock gobble almost every time at this time of year.

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