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Scope problems

I have a friend that has gotten a Remington (not sure of model) 300 win mag from someone. He took it out the other day to sight it in and says that he can't get it even close! He says that he's shooting way too high. He says that the scope (Tasco) will not adjust far enough vertically (down). I had him take off the scope and scope mounts and look closely at the mounts to see if one is a different size than the other. Nope, both the same. He then tells me that he notices now that the back scope mount area is lower compared to the front mount area. He put a small torpedo level (about the size of the scope itself) from the back to the front and it's well over 1/8 of an inch off (too high) He bought the scope mounts from Wal-Mart. I would assume that he's going to have to get special scope mounts?? Ones that have a larger mount in the back than the front? I've just never run across this with my guns before so I'm not exactly sure. I just want to make sure that it isn't a defect in the mfgd of the gun or something..... I've never noticed before but are all guns higher in the front ( where the scope mounts) than the back?

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Scope problems

Remington 700 rifles are lower in the back than the front. You do need the proper mounts for them to work properly. I used the Leupold dual dovetail mounts for all my rem 700 and love them.

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Scope problems

It sounds like your friend was sold the wrong mounts. I wonder if he damaged the scope by forcing it into mismatched mounts? I doubt if the rifle left the factory with some sort of error in the receiver dimensions.

I would suggest that you center the scope adjustments. That is, count the number of revolutions in each of the windage and elevation knobs, then back off exactly half the number. Next, check the zero with a collimeter (bore sighter). If the mount has an adjustable base for windage, get as much of the windage adjustment from the base before resorting to the scope itself.

You can't expect too much expertise from Mega mall employees. So, perhaps you'll need to visit a gunshop with resident gunsmith to insure that you get the proper mounts.

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