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Scope (and mount) for SKS

Hi all, first post. Forgive me if I missed this doing a brief search.

I moved from Michigan to Washington State (Seattle area) about 3 years ago but have only JUST got my firearms when I took a trip back home for graduation. With few ranges back home and fewer people I knew who owned land, I very rarely got to shoot my guns but one thing I DO recall was that the scope on my SKS seemed a bit.....underpowered.

Dad originally bought the gun and when cash got tight he sold me part of my inheritance and I ended up with an SKS with a "Monte Carlo Stock" as he put it. Looks like the ATI Black Synthetic ones. He had the mount on it and a Tasco 2.5 x 20 which seemed a bit weak. The Ruger .22 has a Tasco 3-9 x 32 which seems more appropriate with the higher power SKS. Any suggestions for a decent power but inexpensive scope? Seems I recall him saying that he went with this one because unlike a lot of the ones out there, it doesn't need any type of deflector to protect the scope from the spent casings as they are ejected.

Also, I am not above getting a new mount. The one on it is similar to a Leapers but different in styling and no shell deflector.

I have no clue where I will even be able to hunt around here but either way I want to get accurate with it first. I am not looking for something that is going to reach out and drop deer in their tracks at 300 yards but would like something that will let be get a solid view of them at say 100-150 and maybe even out to 200 (feasible with a 7.62x39 right?.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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Scope (and mount) for SKS

2.5 x 20 means 2.5 magnification and a20mm objective lens( the size of the lens diameter at the end of the scope)
Now, 2.5 manification is great, the 20 mm lens is not. The "relaitive brightness" is not good for darker days,evening etc.
The same magnification with a32 mm or 40 mm lens will seem like your're in a whole new world.
If your want a fixed magnification a 4 x 40mm would be a good choice. Great for the closer shots and enought for the longer ones also.
If you choose a variable power scope, go with a 3 x 9 x40( covers all the ranges and options.
Relative brightness is determined by dividing the power(X) into the objective lens diameter.
Saying that, my opinion is that a 2.5 x 20 MM is not the scope you want on a high-powered hunting rifle

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Scope (and mount) for SKS

I wouldn't bother to scope the SKS. While a fine battle rifle and very reliable look at it as more of the 30-30 range wise. I'd save my money and buy a quality deer rifle and scope. If you invest the money once you'll never have to do it again. I personally carry a open sighted SKS as a "truck" gun. I beat the hell out of it and it keeps on a shooting. Yes If you just "gots ta" have it scoped I'd put a red dot on and shoot quality soft points. Winchester and Corbon make some good ones. It's your money do what ya will. Best of luck.

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Scope (and mount) for SKS

I agree with remington about the scope/red dot. A good peep is another option that works well on these types of weapons.

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Scope (and mount) for SKS

I prefer a 2-6x28 variable power scope on my SKS.

99-SKS2-6x28ammo.JPG338.67 KB

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