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Scent Control or Not!!!!!

   When I was a beginner, I thought all that stuff about scent control was nonsense. As a matter of fact,it wasn't until I was 30 years old and picked up a bow and became a believer in scent control. I was just so stubborn I wouldn't listen to anyone. Then, my friend introduced me to bowhunting and that is when I finally became a believer. It was amazing that i was hunting in the exact same area as I did the prior year and I went from seeing one deer the entire gun season, to seeing multiple deer and quality deer everytime out. Anyways, I was just curious if there is anyone out there that still thinks scent control isn't necessary? 

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Neccessary...yes particularly

Neccessary...yes particularly for bow hunters; but over-hyped....big time

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Scent Control or Not!!!!!

You know, I'm going to answer yes and no. If I have it, I use it, but don't worry as much anymore as I used too if none is around. I try to keep clean clothes without detergent scents, same with using deoderants, etc. I do however often rub say Juniper or Pine on my clothes at times, whatever plant is local, and always step in and twist in any fresh Elk or Deer scat I come across for my boots, LOL. Those sprays do work though at limiting odor, especially if hot weather hunting which is when I worry more about it; and perhaps stand hunting as well. I haven't bought any "cover" type scents or attractants in 20 years though, and notice no difference at all, not thinking they are worth it in my experiences. I can't afford those "scent-lok" type clothings, so can't comment on that...

I'm a firm believer in using the wind/air when stalking. If not in my favor I don't waste my time at all... period, and head in a different direction no matter how good an area seems. I've also spent hours circling around sited game for the same reasons.

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The only scent control that I

The only scent control that I have ever used is good old mother nature.  When hunting I'll store my hunting clothes in a plastic bag with what ever kind of trees that I am hunting around.  If I am in the heavy pines I'll place some pine limbs into it and the same with cecar trees.  Then if I find some fresh elk scat I'll rub a little bit on my boots or the bottom of my pants.  So far I haven't had too bad of luck with 5 elk and quite a few deer to my credit with a bow. 

I know that there are some that swear by the scent cover ups and other things on the market but I have never seen the need for any. 

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I figure it cant hurt, I wash

I figure it cant hurt, I wash my hunting cloths with that scent killer laundry soap before i go, the store them in a scent bag, when get to my area I'll put some pine branches in with them. and before hitting the woods I'll spray myself down with some spray.

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 IMO scent control is a big

 IMO scent control is a big part of being a succesful hunter.

I don't mean that I go out and by every scent control product out there, but definetly I try to be aware of wind direction and use some sort of cover scent. Also I try to keep my hunting gear and clothes away from odors that tend to linger like smoke, laundry soaps, fabric softenrs , and any domestic animals like dogs and cats.

Deer or Elk attractants are a big part of my game during rut also. Nothing beats dragging a fresh tarsel gland on a string behind your boot, or hanging one in a scrape or rub or mock scrape or rub...

Just my 2 cents I'm not always succesful so don't go by what I say: :neener: .

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Very neccesary I was out gun

Very neccesary I was out gun hunting last season and a doe walked right under my stand.  She stopped sniffed took off then stopped about 60 yards away in a clearing so I shot her but that day I beleived.

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