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Scent control

when hunting big game wut do you do about scent control?

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Scent control

Depends on what I'm hunting for.

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Scent control

I don't go to great extremes. Over the years I have realized that if I'm careful to stay downwind from game then scent doesn't really matter much. And if I'm upwind from the game then no matter what I do it's not enough.

So, I use scent-free and brightener-free detergent to wash my hunting clothes, and I use scent-free soap and deodorant for myself, but besides that I just mostly remain constantly aware of the direction of air movement.

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Scent control

I wash my clothes in scent free soap, store them in an airtight container with earth scent dryer sheets, shower with non scent soap use no-scent deodorant, wear rubber boots, and spray down with earth scent spray.
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Scent control

everyone goes to extremes when preparring for scent controll but nobody thinks about how bad their breath stinks! I bring a little bag of cut up apples and suck on a small peice at a time. i guess its worked so far.

(somethings got to get the taste of beer and hookers out of your mouth)

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Scent control

When you hunt for a Production Company like I do....you always worry about scent-control.Being sponsored by X-System I don't have to worry about paying big-bucks for Scentblocker or Scent-lok.But If you like your normal camo and don't want anything else buy X-system Base-Layers.The shirt costs around $20 and the pants around $20 also its not too bad!

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