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Savage package series

I have been recently searchin very heavily into getting a new rifle and i have narrowed it down to either a model 111GL savage in .300 WM or a remington model 700 BDL in .300 RUM. I will most likely get the savage but i really need to know if anyone has any idea what savage uses for a scope in their "package" series i would like to know what brand the scope is and if i should get the package series or just the 111 GL Big smile

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Savage package series

If you haven't already you can check them out at:


I tried to figure it out as well, but they don't say on the online product sheet. However you might try downloading the full catalog (PDF), I didn't because I'm bandwidth-challenged.

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Savage package series

I've seen quite a few Savage Package deals. They use a Simmons 3-9x40. I personally feel that's about 1 step above a Tasco. Why pay $500 for a gun and put a cheap scope on it?

Save the $40 difference, and put it towards a good $300 scope. You won't regret it.

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Savage package series

Ditto what OZSTRIKER said. For a rifle as accurate as a Savage, go with a good scope.

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Savage package series

Savage makes a good rifle at an affordable price.
The optics are every bit as important as the rifle choice.
Just as you get a rifle / caliber that you like. Get the optics you feel comfortable with and the best you can afford. Your not saving any money if they don't perform when you need them.

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Savage package series

I went with leupold on my last scope buy great optics ' or go with a docter made by ziess

the optics like ammo is just don't go cheap !!

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