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Savage 220F slug gun questions...


I am going to Illinois in November and just got a new Savage 220F slug gun - 20 gauge - built on a 110 action - and have some scope / bases questions.

I am using standard Leupold 2 pc bases, high 30 mm rings and a 3-12x56 Meopta Meostar. I know this is not the preferred scope for a shotgun but it is all I have - and do not really have the $$ to replace it (unless I sell it, which I may).

I read that the standard bases could cause some casing ejection issues so when I set the gun up, I put the fixed dovetail type base in the rear and the longer base with the windage screws in the front.

I mounted the scope and when I started shooting the gun, I ran out of elevation adjustment immediately.

There are 175 clicks of windage and elevation adjustment in this scope, so I started at 88.

Trying to go "up" in increments - the slug started off of the paper (low) at 25 yards - I was able to get it to about 4" low before I ran out of elevation adjustment.

Clearly, something is wrong.

I brought the gun home and have now reversed the bases to a standard configuration - but will this affect (help solve) my windage elevation adjustments? I tested ejection like this and see no issues...

If yes, it will help, is the base with the windage adjustments thicker than the fixed dovetail base?

If they are the same thickness - it is not going to help switching them around at all, is it??

I do not want to use shims and really did not want to have to go to new rings and bases - or a rail and bases...

Can anyone help?




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