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Saturday is Opening Day for Me!!!

The second elk rifle season will begin on Saturday for me. I was going up there today but the weather turned bad so I will leave tomorrow.

Any last minute tips? I will be hunting for a bull elk in the Gila National Forest. This will be a DIY hunt.

With luck my next post should be pictures of a nice elk!!!Thumbs up

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Good luck!

Sorry, I can't offer any tips on hunting elk.  Good luck on your hunt!

Be safe and shoot straight!

Oh yeah, and take lots of pictures!!!

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Ah, your's is the one I have

Ah, your's is the one I have been waiting for.  Hunting elk in the Gila!  Can't wait for that report.  Best of luck!

Our opening day for deer is also Saturday, so i will be in the woods also....

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Hey prhunter, Good luck on

Hey prhunter, Good luck on your hunt!!!

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