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Saskatchewan Hunter Education Goes Electronic

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Saskatchewan Hunter Education Goes Electronic

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Saskatchewan Hunter Education Goes Electronic

Electric only is not good enough. You can't get that hands on feel needed to get comfortable working an action, of becoming familiar with different actions, of passing firearms safely from person to person, of automatically checking to see if a firearm is loaded or not, of automatically maintaining muzzle control. I think it would be a great supplemental way of enhancing the regular program but if thats the entire course, then ift falls short of being effective.

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Saskatchewan Hunter Education Goes Electronic

For clarification (and it is in the press release) the e-based training is NOT all that is required. The student, once successfully completing the training on-line or via CD-ROM must then sign up for the practical training portion of the course, conducted by qualified instructors, and complete the full examination required of all students.
In the practical training, the students are trained in the actual handling and safe use of firearms as well as a number of other areas that cannot be covered in a self-study course of any kind.
I do encourage folks to see what the program looks like before applying too much comment! Simply go to our website at http://www.saskhuntered.ca.
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