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Salting deer hides

I am planning to send some deer hides this fall to a company that makes jackets, gloves, etc. from the hides. Their information merely said to salt the hides and send them in soon. I am wondering about how much salt it takes per hide, how to package the hides for shipment (they say not to pack in plastic), and how "soon" after salting they must be shipped, etc. Any helpful information regarding this would be appreciated.

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Salting deer hides

I have salted hides with the same salt used for deicing your steps and drive way. Not sure how much it takes, just keep pouring it on until the fleshy side is covered.

With cold days which creates basically zero humidity the hides dry out quick, within a week or so. However if you are down closer to the equator, I'd guess it is going to take longer (more humid).

As for shipping, I'd just fold it up in a card board box, tape it up and send it off. If the fleshy side of the hide is dry to the touch, the hide is stiff, and you haven't left on any fat (around the back strap area) it should make it there just fine.