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For Sale: XENONICS SuperVision Package. Open Box Return. Best Price from

CLEARANCE! In the course of business we sometimes get returns from our customers.  These units often come back with the box open, but most if not all parts, manuals and packaging still intact.  We can not ship these units as new, but we do have to clear them out.  These are sold on the first come first serve basis.  You can place the order by emailing us at [email protected] and copy the product name and price into the subject line.  Put the name of the forum in the parentheses for our reference.  Please include your address if you want us to quote you shipping time and cost.  You will receive an email back with an estimate (if the unit is still available) or notification that it has been sold.  If you approve, we will email you a PayPal payment request that you can pay securely in the privacy of your own home.  Alternatively, you can always call in your order and check on availability. 


FS: XENONICS SuperVision SVTVO100 Tactical Package, Video Out (SVTVO100). Open Box Return. Best Price.


Our Price: $1799


The XENONICS SuperVision SVTVO100 Tactical Package, Video Out (SVTVO100) comes equipped with a quick lock receptacle and Video/ Power Cable to connect SuperVision's video signal to a recording device, monitor or both. Connect the included AC or DC Power Supply that plugs into the Video/ Power Cable to operate SuperVision for up to 8 hours. SuperVision Tactical Package-Video Out combines SuperVision with the 880nm Tactical IR Illuminator to see things even in the darkest conditions (absolutely no ambient light).


The package includes the SuperVision with Video Out Jack, Tactical IR Illuminator w/ Mount, Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries, CR123 Batteries, Video/Power Cable, AC Power Supply w/ 6 ft. cord, DC Power Supply w/ 6 ft. cord, Digital Battery Charger and Waterproof Case.


SuperVision is built on an entirely new, patented technology. Xenonics' engineers have taken solid-state, wide-dynamic range imaging to next level of sophistication with the application of digital signal processing (DSP) & image enhancement software that brings otherwise indistinguishable forms into sharp identifiable objects. This advanced technology, built in SuperVision, gives law enforcement the tactical edge they need to identify people and objects with crystal clarity.


Unlike most post Desert Storm Gen I, Gen II or Gen III image intensified night vision devices that have been adopted for law enforcement, SuperVision has been built from the ground up, especially designed for officers and agents and their special requirements in an increasing dangerous urban environment. While there are plenty of night vision and thermal imaging products on the market, only SuperVision is so unique that it's in a class by itself.