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For Sale: WALKER'S Power Muffs from

FS: WALKER'S Power Muffs from

I am offering these WALKER'S Power Muffs on special. This unit was a Tradeshow sample.

Your price is $99

You can place the order by emailing us at [email protected] and copy the product name and price into the subject line.  Put the name of the forum in the parentheses for our reference.   Please include your address if you want us to quote you shipping time and cost.  You will receive an email back with an estimate (if the scope is still available) or notification that it has been sold.   

The WALKER'S Power Muffs, Black (WREPMB) incorporate highly advanced technology providing you with unsurpassed sound quality, excellent speech clarity, superior hearing protection and sound enhancement. With two high-frequency microphones, one on each side, they provide a good sense of sound directionality.

The Walker's Power Muffs increase hearing up to nine times by amplifying high frequency sounds with an amazing 50 dB power. They come standard with Walker's unique Adjustable Frequency Tuning circuit. This control knob allows the user to focus on specific sound frequencies for his or her individual hearing needs for crystal clear reception in any condition.

Additionally the Sound Activated Compression, exclusive to Walker's Game Ear products, instantaneously and automatically compresses the amplification of loud sounds like muzzle blasts to safe levels. The Power Muffs offer superior hearing protection with a Noise Reduction Rating of 24-26 dB.

The ear pads are crafted from a soft, pliable butyl rubber material, creating the ultimate acoustic seal for maximum hearing protection. Additionally for added protection and life of the product, the ear pads use an anti-microbial agent that helps prevent bacterial growth, mold and fungi.

Walker's warrants this product to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal use and conditions for a period of two years parts/90 days labor from the date of the original purchase.


Increases hearing up to 9 times with 50 dB of power for the highest rating in the industry

Sound Activated Compression circuit helps protect hearing from harmful muzzle blasts, by reducing the amplification of loud sounds to a safe level

Noise Reduction Rating of 24-26 dB is among the highest in the industry

Two independent volume controls allow for true stereo sound while wind-resistant high frequency microphones make it easy to identify sound and direction

Anti-bacterial butyl ear pads use an anti-microbial agent that helps prevent bacterial growth, mold and fungi

Black Finish



Saw something on the net, but did not like the price?  Send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll give you a personal quote.  All we need is the brand name and part number.  Does not get any easier than that.  Personal shopping redefined.