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For Sale: Surefire Flashights and Accessories Returns & Refurb Clearance

All items have been sold.


Priced for quick sale:

Surefire Flashights and Accessories Returns & Refurb Clearance– Bargain Prices – Limited Quantity


As some of you may already know, you can tell how good of outdoor retailer you are dealing with by their customer service.  Here at, the bi-product of our commitment to customer service are the returns that we receive from customers when they change their mind for one reason or the other.  Our techs check out the products to make sure that the returns are not due to performance issues, but we can not sell the returns as new once they have been out of the box.  We still need to sell these items and hence they are offered at deep discounts.  Only one or 2 of each model is available at any given time – so they go quick.

To purchase these Surefire flashlights and accessories - enter promocode SURETURNS to receive 30% off to receive 30% off list price on these returns.


SUREFIRE X300 LED Handgun/Long Gun Weapon Light (X300) (Save $74.70)


SUREFIRE LED Weapon Light for Win. 1300, Def, Super X Defender, FN Tac Police, 3 Switches (636LFG) (Save $117)


SUREFIRE Edge Folding Combat Utility Knife (EW-09)  (Save $60)


SUREFIRE M3LT-S LED CombatLight Flashlight (M3LT-S) (Save $136.50) 


SUREFIRE G2D Fire Rescue Variable-Output LED Flashlight (G2D-FYL) (Save $37.50)


SUREFIRE E2D LED Defender Dual-Output Flashlight (E2DL-BK) (Save $49.50)


SUREFIRE Saint Minimus LED Headlamp Flashlight (HS2-A-BK) (Save $41.70)


SUREFIRE E1L Outdoorsman Dual-Output LED Flashlight (E1L-HA-WH) (Save $34.75)


SUREFIRE LX2 LumaMax Dual-Output LED Flashlight (LX2-HA-WH) (Save $58.50)


SUREFIRE Saint LED Headlamp Flashlight (HS1-A-BK) (Save $55.50)


SUREFIRE E2L Outdoorsman Dual-Output LED Flashlight (E2L-HA-WH) (Save $47.70)


SUREFIRE E2D Executive Defender Single-Output Incandescent Flashlight (E2D-BK) (Save $33.00)


Email me at [email protected] of call me (800-851-9329) if you are interested in any of these Surefire items.  Want to get a personal quote on a different brand?  Send a quick email with a part number you are looking for and you’ll get an answer within 24 hours.