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For Sale: Montana Rifle Co. Model 1999 (.338 Win. Mag)

Montana Rifle Company Model 1999 Chambered in .338 Win. Mag

Bead Blasted Stainless Steel action and barrel on an Accurate Innovations laminated stock. (If you are not familiar with Accurate Innovations, they use wood laminate with an integral aluminum bedding block that is very similar to those found in H.S. Precision rifle stocks.)

Please look at: and

This rifle has had approximately 125 rounds fired through it.
Comes with Leupold mounts and rings for 1" scope.
Action trued and lugs lapped at the factory in Kalispell, Montana.
Glass bedded by Doc's Gun Shop in Carrollton, Texas. (Do a Google search.)

Scope rings and mounts also installed by Doc's Gun Shop.

I have personally shot this rifle from 100 yards to 500 yards. After shooting a helluva lotta different high-end hunting ammo through it, I found that it likes the 200 grain Winchester Ballistic Silvertips the best. At 200 yards, this rifle will shoot those bullets into a cloverleaf group.

Your price is $900 FIRM and this includes delivery to your FFL.

The barrelled action alone cost me $900. I paid $1284 for the rifle and the stock together and that doesn't even count the rings/mounts or the glass bedding.

The Pros:
1: Low round count
2: Used in the field for only one hunting season
3: The dope is figured out for you (200 gr. Win. Ballistic Silvetips) Just look on the side of the stock.
4: One of the best true big game rifle calibers
5: Metal is all stainless steel and the whole rifle still looks good
6: All you need to do is put a scope on it and shoot
7: You are getting a $1400 package for $900 and that INCLUDES shipping.

The Cons:
1: Very small dings on the wood directly in front of the bolt handle (Can't hardly see them even when holding the rifle and they don't show in pics)
2: Slight discoloration just below gas port on left side where "Wipe Out" bore cleaner ran out onto the wood. You have to look very hard to see this and it doesn't show up on the photos
3: It HAS been used on a kick @$$ Elk hunt in Colorado so it does have some field use even if it's not a lot
4: No scope is included
5: Even though it looks good, it doesn't look "brand new"

There are only two reasons I am selling this rifle:
1: I have another rifle for elk hunting
2: I am working on a Remington .308 project that I need $$$ for

To see pics, go to: (You will have to register w/ Sniper's Hide to see the pics but it only takes about 30 seconds to do this. It takes me forever to upload pics to the web because I'm on dial up)

Many more pics available if you are a serious buyer. Email me at: [email protected] if interested. Please feel free to forward this your friends who may be in the market for a serious big game rifle. Serious inquiries only please.


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