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For Sale: Digital Night Vision and Daytime Riflescope by ELCAN (DNDH-KIT)

Priced for quick sale:

Digital Night Vision and Daytime Riflescope by ELCAN (DNDH-KIT)

Suggested Price: 2080

Sale at 1579 (includes free ground shipping in the US)


Scroll to the bottom of this offer to see discount code for extra saving


I would like to move this Digital Night Vision and Daytime riflescope by ELCAN to a good home.  Always liked riflescopes but have not seen a good price?  Drop me a note and I will give you a personal quote.  Interested in something else from Elcan– I can locate almost any of their products unless they are discontinued or have not been released for sale.


Digital Night Vision and Daytime riflescope by ELCAN is a sophisticated piece of optical hunting equipment.  It was designed in the military lab, but for civilian purpose.  It was built by hunters with other hunters in mind.


Built in ballistic compensation of the Elcan scope allows shooters to aim the reticle right where they want the bullet to hit – no more holdover estimation and counting off hashmarks on your mil dot.  Simply dial in the distance (assuming the cartridge type and the rifle were already programmed into the scope) and the scope will display the right point of impact via electronically controlled reticle.  Do not like the reticle you see – choose from 4 interchangeable ones or program your own.  Want to record your shot – automatic video capture will do just that.  No you can show your friend what really happened.



4 hour run time

Four AA batteries

2.5 through 16.5 magnification

26 ounces



Video Capture via JPEG format

Ballistic Compensation

Reticle Selection (4)

Customization of reticles


Comes with Scope:

Mount for scope and flashlights

2 infra red flashlights

Elcan Digital Scope


If this is Digital Night Vision and Day Time Scope by ELCAN you have been looking for – go to our website and use the promo code below.  You will save 100 dollars off the price.  Email me ([email protected]) or call me at 800-851-9329 if you want to do it the old fashioned way. (promo FM$100)

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