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For Sale: 7 MP Digital Trail and Scouting Camera by Leaf River – DV7SS

Priced for quick sale:

7 MP Digital Trail and Scouting Camera by Leaf River – DV7SS

Suggested Price: 390

Sale at 249 (includes free ground shipping in the US)


Scroll to the bottom of this offer to see discount code for extra saving


I would like to move this 7MP Scounting Camera by Leaf River to a good home.  Always liked trail cameras but have not seen a good price?  Drop me a note and I will give you a personal quote.  Interested in something else from Leaf River – I can locate almost any of their products unless they are discontinued or have not been released for sale.


7 MP Digital Trail and Scouting Camera by Leaf River – DV7SS is in the class of its own when it come to digital trailcams, game cameras and scouting cams.  It is packed full of features commonly found on scouting cameras that are twice the price.


Leaf River DV7SS comes with a 2.4” viewing screen for setting your options and viewing your pictures in full Technicolor.  Trigger speed is exceptional, but what’s more 7.0 by Leaf River also has a Quick Shot picture, sort of like a reload follow up shot – where the camera will take a second or third picture if additional motion is detected after the first picture is taken.


There are two sets of batteries, one for the camera and one for the motion detection.  This split allows for an exceptionally long lifetime of the camera in the field, 30 days minimum.


Last but not list is the MPEG video mode that will capture your object of attention in motion.  Post that on YouTube or Facebook.



Trigger Speed < 1 sec

Resolution: 7.0 MP

Flash Range: 40 feet

Up to 2GB external memory (optional)



Fast trigger

Quality Images

Camo pattern finish

Video MPEG

Quick Shot Mode


Comes with Scope:

USB and RCA connection cords

Steel Security Bar

Mounting Bracket and Strap

Leaf River Camera

Warranty Card


If this is 7.0 MP Scouting and Trailcam by Leafriver you have been looking for – go to our website and use the promo code below.  You will save 20 off the price.  Email me of call me if you want to do it the old fashioned way. (promo FM$20)