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For Sale: 3x32 Cross Bow and Muzzleloader Rifle Scope with Illuminated Reticle from HAWKE

Priced for quick sale:

3x32 Cross Bow and Muzzleloader Rifle Scope with Illuminated Reticle from Hawke 

Suggested Price:190

Sale at 145 (includes free ground shipping in the US)


Scroll to the bottom of this offer to see discount code for extra saving


I would like to move this 3x32 Cross Bow rifle scope to a good home.  Always liked Cross Bow Rifle Scopes by Hawke but have not seen a good price?  Drop me a note and I will give you a personal quote.  Interested in something else from Hawke – I can locate almost any of their products unless they are discontinued or have not been released for sale.


3x32 Cross Bow rifle scope by Hawke is one of the most popular crossbow scopes on the market today.


It features 1 inch tube, ½ MOA, resettable turrets, dual color – red and green ballistic reticle, waterproof and shockproof – you’ll wonder how you used your cross bow without one before you got Hawke 3x32.


The reticle features 4 circles that represent 2 inches of kill zone at a corresponding distance.  Each circle’s distance can be programmed via Hawke BRC software that is a free service from the manufacturer.



9.8 ounces in weight

8.5 inches in length

Red and Green reticle

3x magnification



Re-settable turrets

High Quality Optics

Wide Angle Image

Illuminated Reticle

Red and Green reticle

Ballistic software


Comes with Scope:

Cross bow riflescope

Warranty card


If this is Crossbow Riflescope by Hawke you have been looking for – go to our website and use the promo code below.  You will save 10 off the price.  Email me of call me if you want to do it the old fashioned way. (promo FM$10)

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I am not in the market for a

I am not in the market for a scope yet - have to get a muzzle loader first, but what can you tell me about the manufacturer?  I have not heard of them before and the price is a little higher than a similar Bushnell i think.  So, I'd like to know more about the company and quality of the scopes.