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Sad Day In Elk Camp

2 days after I took my bull, a friend of 25 years died suddenly in elk camp of a heart attack. Thanks elkkill, cryan, derik,  and everyone for their prayers and all the help thru this sad time for myself and especially for my friends brother who was in camp and watched his brother pass away. He will be missed. His name was Ray Green and lived in Houston Texas. His brother Billy Green lives in Cleveland Texas.  They both are like big brothers to me and we shared elk camp together for 25 years. He passed away in a beautiful place. Colorado, where he hunted for over 40 years.

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that's rough

I can't imagine how tough that would be

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That is definetly a tough

That is definetly a tough thing to go thru.  My wife and I were just dicussing this the other day and I told her that is how I would want to go.

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Crazyelkhunter,  my heart

Crazyelkhunter,  my heart goes out to you and the family of your friend.  What a sad event.  I too would like nothing more than to have my time come when I was doing something I love so much.  I hope you continue your tradition of your elk camp,not only for yourself, but in honor of your friend.

Take care.

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Nice Bull!           The

Nice Bull!          

The Smith family lifts you and Mr. Greens family up in prayers and send our deepest condolences. Ray was doing what he loved to do and do it with people he loved.  May we all be that fortunate when it is our time. After 25yrs I hope that you and billy continue to hunt in memory of your friend and brother. GOD Bless and our prayers are with you.

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I am sorry for your loss.

I am sorry for your loss. When you are in those beautiful, wild places in the future... I'm sure that you will feel closer to him than ever.

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Like I said in the other

Like I said in the other thread, there are no words I can think of, except to say that we are all praying for you and the family.

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Very sorry for your loss


Congrats on your bull. Very cool looking non-typical. Hope you got everything home ok and I personally called Dan and Michelle again and thanked them for there help. I will call you soon and keep your chin up. Our prays are with you and your friends family.

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My prayers are with you and your friends family!!!

My prayers are with you and your friends family,When my time comes I would rather be in the mountains doing what I love the most and having fun doing it. And great bull

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Great bull


My family and I will keep you and Billy in our thoughts and prayers.  I know it was tough on both of you.  I know from talking to you that Ray loved the Rocky Mountains and sharing and elk camp with good friends.  He didn't suffer and died in one of the most beautiful places in the world doing what he loved.  When my time comes,  If I had a choice, that is not a bad ending.

Hope you are doing okay,


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Very sorry for your loss. The

Very sorry for your loss.

The same happened to my friends father in elk camp 2 years ago.  They had hunted elk together many decades.  My friend went to get something from their camper and returned to find his father dead in his chair by the fire.

If I have to go, I wouldn't mind so much going something like that.

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