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Sabot Slug Accuracy

For those who are in the process of finding the best shooting sabot slug for your rifled barrel shotgun, here's what I have come up with...I bought a new Remington 11-87 super mag slug gun and 3 different sabot slugs to try. They are Hornady SST, Remington Accutip, Winchester EXP, all 2 3/4. My gun did not group well with the Hornady or Winchester slugs, 3 shot groups of 5-8 inches at 100yds. The Accutips are better with 3-4 inch groups. Today I tried some of Hornady's new Whitetail Classic sabots that do not utilize the polymer tip but a hollow point interlock bullet. These are 1825 fps vs the sst at 2000 fps. I shot 2 rounds and 3 other guys shot one each with the 5 shot 100 yd group measuring about 2 inches...WOWEEEEEEEE...guess what I will be using this year and they are cheaper too...happy day

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