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The rutting stag with instruction for the Bohemian Stag Call

The rutting stag with instruction for the Bohemian Stag Call

During a visit of a hunting fair in spring 2006 the idea of an own stag call was born after saw there a stag call competition. Our own product should have all known advantages in itself.
As a hunter and formerly being a hunting horn player I do get furthermore in contact to a myself well known friend who is a hobby animal filmer. He does have a big amount of rutting stag video material. At that moment, additionally the base for an interesting rutting stag DVD was born.
To find the right components for the stag call was the most difficult part, because the most important criteria's have to be fulfilled:

1.hard plastic mouthpiece for a better pressure on
2.soft, low-noise plastic resonance tube
3.flexible usage with the possibility to shorten, lengthen and bending
4.good amplifying
5.high sound pureness
6.comfortable way to carry it around with a neck cord

The sound is made in the laryngeal however for the best expansion it is necessary to have a good tone body. We do believe that we have made this with the “Bohemian Stag call”.
Parallel we arrange a 20 minute rutting stag DVD, which furthermore as attachment has a 10 minute instruction for the 8 most important stag calls. This DVD shows impressive rutting stag short takes and also the usage of the stag call.
Several recordings where taken in the red deer zone in middle Bohemian and for the presentation of the stag call we could win the Czechs Master 2006 Tomas Tresky, so we name our product as “Bohemian Stag Call”. The presentation of Mister Tomas Tresky even make it possible that a Czech forest school use this stag call as teaching material.
The manufacturer of the stag call is the company SIMBATEC in Solingen, Germany, who also distribute exclusively the DVD.
Due to international marketing all further text and help on the DVD is also available in English and French language.

You can download and watch 2 short takes from the DVD from our homepage under the section “Products / Deer Call”

In Germany the distribution amongst others is via FRANKONIA, Würzburg ( ) who took this interested new item combination into their product range ( Article-Nr. 135724 ).
Additional via specialist dealers and respectively via the manufacturer SIMBATEC GmbH & Co. KG, Solingen, Germany ( / Phone: +49 (0)212 2243529).
Further dealer requests are most welcome.

42655 Solingen
Günter Wiethoff
(Managing Partner)

Technical Data:
Length: around 330 mm (variable from around 180 – 380 mm)
Diameter: around 65 mm
Weight: around 190 gr
Stag Call included DVD - Article-Nr. 61010 / Recommended Selling Price 59,90 EUR
DVD Article-Nr. 61011 / Recommended Selling Price 19,95 EUR
(above prices for Europe only)

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