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Ruger .204 and the Ruger No. 1

So what do y'all think of this new little speedster? From what I've read so far, looks like it'll be a fun varmint round.

One thing I did read, though, kind of intrigued me. In the Outdoor Life feature about best guns of this year, they had the Ruger No. 1 in .204. They mentioned that the No. 1 has had accuracy issues with certain calibers. Any of you guys hear of this before? What calibers, in particular, have issues if this is the case?

I ask, because I've been tossing around the idea of getting a Ruger No. 1. Something about a single-shot sounds fun.



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Ruger .204 and the Ruger No. 1

I've just ordered a number 1 in 270 Weatherby Magnum, a guy I shoot with has one in .300 WBY and it's quite accurate, one is certainly going to have no trouble hitting the kill zone on any big game animal with a number 1.

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Ruger .204 and the Ruger No. 1

I have a .204 Ruger in the Ruger number 1. It has been very accurate, my groupings could be smaller but that is from lack of shooting on my part.