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Ruby Marsh Rainbows

Just heard about a possible new State record rainbow being caught in the Ruby Marshes here in Elko County; 16 lbs & change.  This time of year the rainbows are in the early pre-spawn mode and the water conditions are clear & cold being before the spring run-off.  I didn't hear if it was caught on lures, flies or bait but am guessing flies as there are several fly fishers that look on pre-spawn marsh fly fishing as a near religious experience (I was one years ago before life got in the way).  Several years ago my wife caught a 6.5'er on a spinner while earlier in the day out of a float tube I had something hit my fly with attitude and proceed to take out about 20 yards of backing in one straight run before breaking off in the bullrushes.  I had a nervous twitch for an hour after that one!

I've got some free time forced on me of late - might have to wander over the hill with a 6 wt and some leach patterns.

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Holy crap, that's a big

Holy crap, that's a big rainbow!!!!

Heck, Mike just posted about a possible record Lake Trout in Vermont that was only 16.8 pounds.


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Yup - that's a big Rainbow,

Yup - that's a big Rainbow, alright. Especially one that doesn't have the opportunity to get out into the great lakes and feed on the high-fat forage species like smelt, cisco and herring.

Around here a 16 pound rainbow is fairly common; though they are generally referred to as Steelhead. They go out their native rivers to the surrounding great lakes and spend all summer cruising around near the pods of salmon gorging on the oily bait fish that live in these waters. In the fall, they return to their respective rivers, and it's not uncommon to hear of 16, 18 and occasionally, a 20 pound rainbow being caught.

  Our state record Rainbow Trout is 26 pounds 8 ounces, caught out of Lake Michigan in 1975.


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Wow. I don't fish for trout

Wow. I don't fish for trout much but for me I can't even comprehend one that big. I think the biggest trout I've ever caught was only about 2 pounds.

I love to fish but enjoy bass and pike far more.

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