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Rookie that needs info

I was wondering what is a good call i have many calls but they never work when I use them and I was just wondering how many times do you try to call before you know its enought Please Reply thanks Rhino

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Rookie that needs info

Hi there!

I am new too..

What i learned is that deer are just like us, no two deer are exactly alike, they all grunt different ways, and they are act different..

the best way i believe is to grunt three times.

grunt once then wait for a few seconds, grunt again and then wait for a little bit longer and then grunt again, be sure not to grunt too much, other wise the deer would expect something..

as far as rattling:

whack the horns in your right hand hard to the ones on your left, be sure to make the tips hit each other, then go into the rattling, twisting your wrists to make the rattle happen, do this for about a few minutes and then sharply pull them apart, wait for a few more minutes and then repeat the process, do this for about 3-4 times before putting them down and waiting or moving..

I hope i helped you out!

Good luck and god bless Big smile

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