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off road shooting

I have been informed that if your on a logging road and it has a road name,,then this is classified as a main hyway ,,there for you have 2 be one mile off that road in order to shoot at an animal if it was standing off 2 the side of this road,,,have anyone heard of this before from a CO officer????,hunter.

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off road shooting

Maybe....that would be a provincial law....

In Sask the rule is no shooting across or along a grid road or highway. Grid roads have numbers assigned, although some are named. The local RM Office will be able to advise if it's a "grid road" or not. If it has an actual provincial or municipal name sign, it's probably considered a road for legal purposes. If it just has a local name (no sign or number) it's probably not. The local RM, MNR or RCMP will know. It may also be a designated game corridor in which additional rules apply, or hunting may be prohibitted due to proximity to active forestry operations

Again, that is a provincial matter and will depend on which province you're referring to.

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off road shooting

Where are you from hunter1947, this is definitely a provincial jurisdiction issue? In Alberta a logging road is not maintained, nor is it typically named - however any access roads from a highway used to enter a logging road typically do have a name and these roads are definitlely regulated with a minimum safe shooting distance from the road.... but logging roads are a different matter; no real issues other than common sense and keeping within the law (eg. no shooting from a vehicle, etc.)

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